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2013–2014 College Committees

Annual Meeting
Robert Moss, President
Kim Anderson, Gen. Chair
Jim Vaden, Scientific Chair
Ken Hrechka, Social Chair
Paul Miller, Children's Program
John Doris, Golf Chair
Tom Skafidas – Fun Run
Mike Guess, Post-Conf. Chair

Audio Visual
Terry Sobler, Chair
Bruce Goldstein
Paul Miller

Perry Opin, Chair
Robert N. Staley
Bill Wallert

Budget and Finance
Paul Miller, Treasurer, Chair
Jim Williams, Assist. Treasurer
Ken Hrechka, Advisor
Terry Sobler
Bruce Goldstein

Kim Anderson, Chair
Walter Buchsieb
Perry Opin
Bob Vaught

Case Display
Terry Sobler, Chair
Bruce Goldstein, Co-Chair
John Carter, Advisor

Liaison to AAO
Robert Moss
Michael Guess - Advisor

Liaison to ABO
Ken Hrechka, Chair
Eric Dellinger, Co-Chair

Liaison to Foundation
Jim Williams, Chair
Bruce Goldstein, Co-Chair

Liaison to the 1st Year Councilor-Appointee
John Carter

Management Relations
Eric Dellinger, chair
Kim Anderson
Bob Vaught

Paul Miller, Chair
Jim Williams, Co-Chair
Mike Guess, Advisor
Dave Adams, GLAO
Richard Cantor, MASO
Pat Dunbar, PCSO
Ken Eberle, PCSO
Jeff Genecov, SWSO
Ernest Goodson, SAO
Jack Hilty, RMSO
Tom Iverson, PCSO
John Kharouf, MSO
Steve Marshall, MSO
Gary Opin, NESO

Newsletter (Hard & Electronic)
Michael Guess, editor
Terry Sobler
Mike Rudolph

Electronic Newsletter
Eric Dellinger
Paul Miller

Mike Guess, Chair
Tucker Haltom
Terry Sobler

Strategic Planning and Implementation
Kim Anderson, Chair
Robert Moss, Advisor
John Kanyusik
Jim Williams

Internet Services
Paul Miller, Chair
Terry Sobler
Bruce Goldstein

Site Selection
Robert Moss 2014 – West
Kim Anderson 2015 – Midwest
Ken Hrechka – 2016 – East
Paul Miller – 2017 – West
Jim Williams 2018 – Midwest
Terry Sobler 2019 – East
Eric Dellinger 2020 – West
Bruce Goldstein 2021 - Midwest
Bob Vaught 2021 – East

Advocacy Committee

John Kanyusik – chair
Philip Markin
Terry Sobler
Dorothy Whalen
Eladio DeLeon
Larry Tadlock

Policy Manual Review
Robert Vaught
Bruce Goldstein
Eric Dellinger

Branding Committee
Bruce Goldstein
Robert Vaught
Mark Causey

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